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Our Story

We are a team of creative moms that never follow the status quo. In our hunt for clothes that fit our families' needs, we were simply falling short of finding apparel that allowed our children to dress a little more fashionable (and less cutesy) and allowed us moms to look great with less fuss.… because, and let’s be honest here, we already have enough to juggle between family and work (and wine). Once our children showed an interest in making their own wardrobe choices, we saw that they sometimes wanted to match our style.
As we shopped around, we weren’t finding enough maxi dresses for our daughters or truly unique graphic tees for our sons that showcased their personalities or gave us the flexibility to be similar but not matchy-matchy. We don’t know about you, but we want to see our littles dress like the creative kids that they are. (And really, Moms, you deserve to have a unique style, too!) We’ve created a unique shopping experience where moms can find cool, quality clothing for the whole family. Our goal is for you moms to be fabulous, feel fabulous, and look fabulous without all the daily primping. #aintnobodygottimeforthat
Here at Cloud & Clover, we aim to inspire you to make shopping for the family fun and give everyone a chance to express their style through our unique, quality designs.  
We are also pleased to be encouraging a community of caring moms to support each other through our socially responsible rewards program, Helpful Hamper.  Helping others is just how we roll.
So, what are we waiting for?!  Let’s shop to it, ladies!

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