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A Simple Valentine's Day

Posted on February 15 2017

While Valentine's Day is, to many, an invitation to shower the love of your life with sweet nothings and gifts, the meaning has changed now that I'm a mother. Valentine's Day has become more about my family than myself (or my partner) and I'm cool with that.

While I am so appreciative of the flowers my husband brings me, the most memorable part of the day has become sitting at the dinner table and listening to my children's stories about their school parties, learning about my husband's day at work and laughing about the latest YouTube video we saw of Sia this or Minecraft that.

This year I also thought differently about what I should give my husband. I decided to give him a thoughtfully written card and a positive mindset about the dinner I prepared without complaining about how exhausted I was as he walked in the door. I think he really appreciated that and I might try to put that into practice more regularly. #Goals.

After being together for over a decade, celebrating our love has become simpler than the early days. We understand that our lives are now more complex. We have more responsibilities than we did before having children and we are older so being bubbly and energetic isn't always realistic. This common understanding has made our relationship stronger because we truly are partners that have each other's back and pick up the slack when one of us doesn't feel up to things. To me, there's nothing more romantic (and appreciated) than that. So this Valentine's Day was, simply, lovely. 

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