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A Little Shoulder

Posted on September 21 2016

We support a woman's choice to expose any body part she wants. There's one area in particular that we promote flaunting MORE - show a little shoulder, ladies! The shoulder is a body part that seems to be openly accepted, so we propose a cold shoulder style like our Ashland Sweater Dress. It's especially great for those times you want to look feminine at work without being too 'sexy' and perfect for date night with your special guy.

Our #NoFussFashion approach to women's clothing gives a nod to the godmother of comfortably chic women's fashion, Donna Karan. She pioneered this approach to fashion design and we admire her for that. Karan, has said, “You’ll look chic, sophisticated, and as authoritative as any man in the room. Only you’ll look like a woman.” While "looking like a woman" seems a little outdated these days, you get the point. She also states, "I’m not sitting here saying how a woman should dress. Empowerment isn’t about one style, it’s having a personal style and wearing what you want to reflect it.” We agree. Just do you, ladies!

So whether you're heading out for girls night, date night or a special event for work, you can feel confident flaunting a little skin. Ready to create your 'cold shoulder' style? Start shopping here and don't forget to check out the accessories!


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