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Posted on September 28 2016

I am raising two totally different children. One will read almost anything that's laying around and the other only reads if it is exactly what she's interested in on that particular day. Then we have STEM-related activities. As parents, we are told that STEM is the direction we should be channeling our children's interests toward since jobs in STEM are growing faster than any other field. With all those Minecraft groups that easily attract boys, what's a girl to do? Then we found LEGOs. 

When my kids were toddlers, I would cringe when I opened a gift of LEGOs because I knew all those pieces would end up all over the floor just waiting for me to step on one in the dark. But once my daughter sparked an interest in these sharp cornered delights, I couldn't get enough of them. She spends hours building and it has also inspired her to read about her favorite characters from the LEGO sets she's worked on. She's like a little engineer and since my daughter only engages when she can see herself in the characters of a story or activity, this movement to include both genders in consumer product design is welcomed. 

I appreciate a company that makes an effort to represent women and girls in their product assortment. I also appreciate it when they cater to the aesthetics and content that girls tend to be attracted to. Of course, not all girls are interested in a stereotypical color scheme, but balancing that off with showing girls in STEM jobs is a good effort. A study by the Girls Scouts showed that girls who knew women in STEM careers were more likely to be interested in STEM fields themselves. I'm happy to see her interaction with LEGOs has given her an opportunity to see female figures as scientists and any type of female figure in a fun, engineering environment.

With all that said, there's still room for improvement across other products and platforms targeting children. So hopefully this gender inclusive trend continues and expands into other categories.

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