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The I'm-Not-Rested B**CH FACE

Posted on October 26 2016

So I just realized that I haven't smiled in about 6 years. I'm exaggerating a little, but I definitely smile less because at any moment I've just finished wiping a poopy butt, found a dirty sock in a pillow case or rushed the kids out the door to get to an extra baseball practice because we lost our last game and the kids that actually struck out didn't even show up. So by default, my face is often in a blank stare with a splash of WTF since the opportunities for a natural smile have become scarce.

I think it was worse when my kids were toddlers. I see many of my mom friends that have babies or toddlers with this serious glazed-over mask. It all starts with the cruel gift of lack of sleep that we're given when we bring the baby home. When you first receive this gift of parenthood, it's like, "I totally get it now. I feel you."

So, how is this affecting my life? Well, I think it's affecting my work more than anything. Specifically, my ability to pitch an idea to a very important person or client. Everything about me is business. Even my family is business and not in the financial gains kind of way. In order to get everything done I have to be organized, creative, time efficient and be a team player. I take all of these things seriously because like all moms, I only want the best for my family. But it's time to get my smile back and reflect all of the inspiration and motivation for good I have behind my face - even when I think there's no time for smiling.

I'm not saying that women (or anyone for that matter) need to smile to be attractive or even liked, but there is data that suggests that smiling can reduce stress, and reduce tension on a cellular level among other things as written in this informative article. So, since I'm juggling all of this for the good of my family, I think it will do us all even more good if mom is less stressed while doing it all. So, I've decided to smile and laugh in the face of all the stuff that we've collectively piled on my and my family's shoulders. Take THAT, I'm-Not-Rested Bitch face!

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