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Mom G E N E S

Posted on June 29 2016

Moms are pros at multi-tasking. Now, whether you view said multi-tasking as a good or bad skill, the fact of the matter is this: Moms carry a lot on their plate and want to make sure their family is taken care of. With only so many hours in a day, some things must overlap. 

It's been like this for generations. It's in our mom genes. But what makes it extra-challenging at times is the pressure that moms can feel from other moms. Your kids need to do certain activities, parents need to volunteer more, etc. all on top of work, managing a house and frankly, just making sure everyone survives without the house burning down or siblings fighting to the death... Oy ve...  

Amidst all of the hustle and bustle of #momlife, let's just try to remember this: Our daughters have those mom genes too. They are observing and absorbing everything we do. And while we absolutely want them to experience activities outside of school and to build a supportive network, let's not forget that the best trait a daughter can inherit is the ability to listen to her own needs and turn off the 'noise' around her. So our choices need to reflect that. By taking care of ourselves, establishing boundaries and building beautiful memories with our family, we will create quality over quantity, which is always more satisfying.

And let's not forget, we have to remember to lift each other up. There's something to be said for #GirlPower. 

...Together, we can do SO MUCH. 

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