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Magicial Milestones

Posted on July 20 2016

From baby's first messy bite of cereal to rolling over and then walking, (OH, BOY!) parenthood is one wild ride! It's exciting to witness our little ones hit these important early milestones. 

It seems as though once these baby milestones are over and the kids grow older, the celebratory moments are centered more around losing a first tooth, staying dry through the night and the not so obvious accomplishments, like being able to buckle their own seatbelt. (YASSS!) We often hear 'it's the little things in life that count' and we see the truth in that statement every day.

With each achievement comes even greater independence and as parents, we have no choice but to come to grips with that reality. It's a funny juxtaposition of relief and yearning for those sweet baby days (minus the poopy diapers and sleepless nights). But before we jump ahead to being 'Empty Nesters,' let's just pause and enjoy. Before we know it, we'll have no seatbelt to fasten, no food to cut up, and no curfews to be met. Oh, #Parenthood. Who knew it would be so bittersweet?

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