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Like Mother, Like Daughter

Posted on July 06 2016

As much as we don't like to admit we are like our mothers, it's hard to sit here and deny that we aren't anything alike! And we're pretty sure our daughters are thinking the same thing - or they will within the next 10 years. Little do they know, we are much more alike than they may ever imagine.  They'll learn to embrace it someday.

One thing we know our girls are going to inherit from us is our love for accessories... more importantly, our love for SHOES! Now, we aren't going overboard to admit that we have a designated shoe closet, but a girl can dream.

And while we are dreaming - and pleading with our husbands that it's totally worth the investment (isn't it?) - we've designed a tunic for our girls to showcase our love for all things shoe related. From pretty pumps to rockin' Chuck Taylors. This fun print will never have you wondering what shoes to wear. They all work!

Shop the 'Shoe Fetish' tunic for girls on our site. This cute print takes up SO much less closet space and for that, the hubs should be grateful. 

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