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Forevah Fearless

Posted on August 17 2016

Long before we were moms, we thought we were immortal. We made choices - albeit not always the smartest ones - and we took chances. Oh, boy... Did we take some chances! Some of which were life changing, making us who we are today.  Sappy and definitely true. 

But since we have had kids it's like some giant switch in our psyche flipped on. We've entered #MamaBearMode in full force. Have you seen Aly Raisman's parents during the Olympics? Yah. That's us. 

In all seriousness, the Raisman's may be fun to watch and we can only imagine the emotions that are running through their bodies as they watch their daughter compete, there is no doubt they did something so amazingly right. They instilled in their child some amazing HEALTHY confidence. Some NO FEAR, not getting fourth place, never giving up, gotta lead my team, confidence. 

While the majority of us may not have the next decathlete or gymnastic champion of the world, our littles are pretty amazing. They have talents and strengths all their own and we hope to instill in them the same rockin' confidence they need to meet and overcome all of life's opportunities and competitions as they grow. (We just hope that maybe they are a *little* smarter when it comes to decision-making).

For now, we'll start small and plant some NO FEAR seeds in their tiny minds with some style choices. That's one decision we will never have to second guess!

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