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Take Me to Your Tacos

Posted on August 31 2016

Tacos are a way of life. They used to be the best way to soak up all those shots I shouldn't have #drank right before last call. But now they are simply my go-to comfort food and my kids love them too. What's also great about them is their versatility. You can fill them with a variety of fillings, from carne asada all the way to a healthy black bean or even soyrizo.

We're so obsessed with these Mexican delights that we had to make a few t-shirts that represented our love in a fun way.

Our 'Taken Tacos' tee is one of our latest additions to our fun t-shirt collection. Could you imagine if aliens came from outerspace and decided to take our favorite food back to a galaxy far far away?!?! Are you worried about global warming? Nah, this is where the real danger lies.

So, whether soft shell or hard shell, we know you will have fun representing this festive comfort food with your favorite denim or pair it with a margarita for mom.  #YesPlease



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