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Fall Fashion for Everyone

Posted on October 19 2016

The ability to feel good in your own skin, and even in your own clothing, can help you feel radiant. In fact, how you dress can affect your mood and overall confidence, too. This is part of what inspires us to design clothing that is anything but ordinary and more than anything else, inspires us to make sure all children have clothing that supports having positive self-esteem.

Our latest 'Kids Shop' helped children in need have appropriate clothing for the cold months that are quickly approaching. What's even better is that we make sure to provide quality, stylish and on-trend clothing that helps them feel good, too.  While our service fulfills a functional need, we also do this because we see how happy the mothers and children are when we hand them a perfectly styled outfits for school.

As parents, being able to provide our children with what they need to feel confident in life is our goal. So when it comes to helping these moms accomplish that with their children, it is a gift to us as much as it is to them.

There is a correlation between self-esteem and academic success as discussed further here. Since reading this article, we view our HelpfulHamper program making an impact not only at home, but also in school, in their schoolwork and also on their future.

Information on Helpful Hamper can be found here. It's always a great time to contribute, so as you clean out closets and organize bags for donation, please consider sending like-new clothing to us! You'll be helping these kids in more ways than one. 

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