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Every Kid's an Artist

Posted on October 12 2016

Think about it. Every child loves being creative. They enjoy drawing, painting, sculpting, singing and dancing. We all did - and some of us still do. Sometime in elementary school, most start to believe that they are no longer good and stop enjoying the arts. 

As parents, we feel it is essential to encourage our children to enjoy art and music. It has been proven time and time again that the arts help to expand critical thinking skills, problem-solving and aide in learning math and science. And, because we are advocates for STEAM learning for all kids, we hope to help encourage all parents - whether artistic or not - to showcase and encourage our kids to continue to explore art and music. 

When your children come home from school with new artwork, consider displaying their art in the house. This could be as simple as using a magnet on the side of the fridge or creating a hallway gallery to line up some of your favorites throughout the year. (It will quickly turn into a great conversational piece when company comes over!) Check out our pinterest board for more ideas. 

Remember, when our children see our enthusiasm and hear our excitement for what they create, they will continue to create. When we continue to encourage them to try something new, they will invent. The second they lose this, they will stop. The world needs more creativity and more creative thinkers. Our future depends on it. 

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