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My BFF isn't a Mom

Posted on August 10 2016

I love my friends. They've been there through my break-ups, holding my hair back while I hugged a toilet (because saki bombs) and my baby showers, of course. 

The first two years of each of my children's lives I had no time for anyone except my babies. Not even for myself. Why? Because #momlife. Plus, I had children later in life, so getting pregnant wasn't so simple and since my 20s and early 30s were all about me, I simply wanted to devote all my free time to those angels. Yes, they truly are angels... until the terrible threes (can we all finally agree to change that 'terrible twos' phrase to 'threes'?). 

Now my kids are school age and I feel like myself again. A human, not a cow. An adult that has adult thoughts. And look over there, that's my husband. Whoa, he's pretty hot! Remember?!?!  And, of course, there's my best friend. She happens to not have children. She's the same person she was before my life was turned upside down from motherhood. She hasn't changed. And I love that. In her, I see what I once was. And I love that too. So when we spend time together, it's amazing and I'm me again.

Sometimes I wonder what will happen to us as we grow old. I wonder where she'll be when our bodies don't move like they used to. Since she doesn't have kids (not that she needs them), will she have the support she needs?  I suppose the older my kids get, the more our lives will become similar again. My kids will have their life and I'll have more time for my friends, just like the old days. We'll watch out for each other, just like the old days. After all, we're friends to the end. 

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