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Creativity C O U N T S

Posted on August 24 2016

As you probably know by now, we're a team of creative moms. Our founder, Jackie, went to art school in California and Rebecca, our marketing extraordinaire, studied fine arts in college in Ohio. We also have a bunch of freelance moms (and daddies too) helping us out at various levels of creativity, whether it be writing, graphic design or even helping us design and think through how we want to build the technology side of our company. But the common thread is that we all value creativity in our personal and professional lives almost as much as we value quality time with our fams.

Having creativity in your life doesn't necessarily mean you have to be splashing paint on a canvas in a moo-moo dress with Mazzy Star humming in the background. It can also mean thinking outside of the norm, outside of the box and outside of what's expected in any situation. Yeah, it's hard to keep this up when the world around us sometimes doesn't quite let us break the mold, because #werklife. As long as you can find a little wiggle room here and there, you're on the right track and making a difference.

This type of creative thinking is something we want to pass on to our children. After all, when everyone is just doing or thinking the same old thing, then how can we make a positive change at work, at home or in the world?

So when the rat race puts your mind in a box, try to stop, breathe deep and listen to the simple sounds around you (maybe it's best to try this after the kids go to bed so you can actually hear). Let your mind wonder. At the end of the day, it's creativity that counts.

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