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Back to school. So cool.

Posted on July 27 2016

Raise the wine glasses, ladies. It's back to school time and we can see the school bus 'round the corner now. While we've enjoyed making fun in the sun memories with our little ones, getting back into our routine is welcomed even though we're sure to miss them as soon as we leave them at drop off.

All of the excitement along with the rat race of buying supplies, back packs, lunch pales and those pre-sharpened Ticonderoga pencils has made the planning and organizing a little overwhelming at times. And while we can't help you in the school supply department, we can help your kids look unique and polished for their trip back to the land of learning. 

Whether your little is full of class or sass, you will find styles that will fit their personalities to the tee. From perfectly polished shirts and skirts to fun and quirky graphic t-shirts, shopping for kids on has never been more fun! And the best part is knowing that they'll stand apart from all the others. 

And hey, if you need a little #RetailTherapy for yourself, we've got you covered, Mama. Accessories. Pants. Dresses. Oh my! Treat yourself. After the busy summer you've had, this is the next best thing next to having your own personal pitcher of sangria. 


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