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An OG Halloween Costume Made Easy

Posted on November 01 2016

For the first time ever, my daughter requested a very specific Halloween costume that does not conveniently exist in the aisles of Target. She specifically wanted to be Patricia from Barbie Spy Squad which I didn't think would be a big hit, (hence no ready-made costumes) but what was I to do?  Here's how I got crafty and made it happen:

First, I made a list of all items needed for the look. I then scoured through her closet to see what we already had that matched. To my surprise, we had a few items that matched perfectly.

I proceeded to search Amazon for accessories that balanced accuracy of the original look and price that I'm willing to pay for a one night trip in the dark. We were super lucky to find the perfect wig and some 'close-enough' accessories.

There were some items that I knew would be nearly impossible to find. Like a girls' turquoise, cropped vest. I decided that since it's Halloween, I could go sparkly with this piece and my glamorous daughter would be so excited to see a flashier version of Patricia's turquoise vest. More points for mom. Woo!  I went to the fabric store and bought the coveted sparkly turquoise fabric to create this much-needed costume piece. Voila! A super sparkly vest to complete her look!

Mine was similar to this one as seen on One Mama's Daily Drama (except I was instructed by my daughter to cut the hem evenly around the body since Patricia's vest is cropped). I also didn't make a pattern because I'm not that patient. I simply folded it in half, laid it over one side of her body with the fold aligned with the center of her back, eye-balled where her arm would go through, then cut the arm holes on the fold so the holes would be symmetrical on each side. It turned out pretty cute!

Here's the result. Happy kids, happy mom. Happy Halloween!

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