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Me S T Y L I S H. You J A N E.

Posted on March 09 2016

Are you drawn to the vintage vibe of midi skirts? Well ladies, we have the skirt for you! These 1950’s throwback silhouettes are back, better than ever and just in time for the Spring season with a stylish, trendy kick. While you may think this style is going out of season, think again. Midi skirts are the new 'fetch.'

The array of colors in our Jane Skirt’s vintage floral print makes this pleated skirt easy to style. You'll feel comfortable and functional while honing your inner Olivia Newton-John. 'Grease' has nothing on you, babe!  

The fabric is made from 100% silk and falls along the many luscious curves of a woman in the most flattering of ways.  And don’t worry ladies! This skirt even has protection for those windy days. With the length of 26 ½ inches, there is no way you’ll have to worry about any Marilyn Monroe instances!  The length of this skirt can be worn by any size, any weight and by any woman. Oh! And with pockets on each side, you’ll always have a place for your lip gloss. 

Any mamas out there wanting to match with their little one? Cloud & Clover has designed a sweet duo for our mommy and me shoppers. Click here to make a statement to the world on how fashionably up to par you and your little one are.

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