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There's Something About Barlow

Posted on March 02 2016

Traditionally, father and son bonds involve hitting and catching fly balls out on a baseball field, riding the trails on motorcycles during a sunny weekend, and relaxing after a fun-filled day with some delicious ice cream. But after all this play, it's nice to tidy up and trade in play clothes for something cozy and stylish... even if you have to suffer through a couple of eye rolls in the process.

As a mom, you really understand your boy. You provide comfort, support, and encouragement during some of the toughest and nerve-racking moments. You also understand that in order to get this strapping young boy of yours into something with a little more style, the outfit needs to be comfortable and on trend.

We know you'll like to see your little guy in a button up like the Barlow Shirt. On a typical day casual wear can work well, but 5 out of 5 moms agree that a tailored look is pretty darn cute for the right occasion!

The Barlow Shirt is a button up that's perfect for your little guy. He'll be comfy and able to stay active in this 100% cotton button up. He can pull off a classic look in a black and white plaid shirt with a print pocket, or be 'Joe Cool' in blue with a peppy multicolored striped pocket patch. Either way, he can still run around and be 'a boy' while looking ever so awesome for his mama (with what we can only hope will be minimal complaining). Shop Barlow Shirts here.

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