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Mother Elephant

Posted on February 24 2016

Elephants and Mamas. Both symbols of strength and power and praised for their stamina, mental toughness, spirit and loyalty. Elephant moms are so nurturing, protective and encouraging of their young. Now, we don't mean to toot our own horns here... But that sure does sound a lot like all of us! AMIRIGHT?!

And that is exactly why Cloud & Clover has many accessories that incorporate this beautiful animal. We draw inspiration from nature that represents you - the strong and ever faithful mom who truly supports and uplifts her family.

We also look to other cultures for inspiration like the beautiful Hindu Goddess shown above standing in a pink lotus flower flanked by elephants. In Hindu culture, wisdom is represented by the elephant in the form of the deity Ganesh, one of the most popular gods in the Hindu religion. And we can all agree that wisdom is something a mom acquires daily.

From stylish scarves to perfectly on-trend earrings, Cloud & Clover has the accent to complete your look and showcase your 'elephant mom' spirit.


Our Samburu and Bangi scarves are colorful and light giving you ample opportunity to wear them year-round. And you can never go wrong with our fun and flirty Elephant Earrings. With gold tones and just a little dangle, you can wear this 'mother' of all jewelry pieces dressed up for work or running around town. Let any of these awesome elephant accessories be the constant reminder that you, rockin' mama, are powerful, strong, uplifting, nurturing and overall the most beautiful animal on the planet. #MomsRock

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