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Catching D R E A M S

Posted on February 03 2016

As a parent, we all want our little ones to follow their big dreams and never stop chasing them. Even if that means being a “Fire Fighter Scuba Diver Policeman.” (Maybe that’s a thing?) There are no limits to finding their happiness along the way. And along the way we will be there, with a little push and some imagination, to support what’s next on their list of dreams.

The dream catcher is a good representation of our wishes for our littles. It comes from a Native American tradition made of a willow hoop along with bits and pieces of everyday life, such as feathers, arrowheads, beads, and offerings. The center web helps one make good use of their ideas, goals, dreams and visions. It's also been said that dream catchers were made by mothers and grandmothers to filter out all bad dreams of children and only allow good thoughts to enter their mind. Any one of these ideas fits perfectly into the values we want to share with our children.

Our ‘Dreamer’ t-shirt design will remind your child to aim big, even if that means being a  “Fashion Designer Nurse President.” (We’ll make this a thing.) Dream on!

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