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Little Bit of Lip

Posted on January 27 2016

Last week we shared with you our tips for perfecting an easy contour and defining those pretty cheeks of yours in our "Blush in a Rush" tutorial. This week, we're talking lip service!

Want that plump, luxurious lip look without overdoing it? Use this step-by-step Little Bit of Lip tutorial for a guide along with tips and tricks to easily and quickly become prepped, pretty, and out the door.

S T E P 1

First, apply lip moisturizer or Chapstick so your lips don't get dried out after applying the liner and lipstick and to ensure they stay moisturized throughout the day. Allow your moisturizer or Chapstick to set in before moving on. (You wouldn't want your pretty lips to rub off too quickly!)

S T E P 2

Begin by using lip liner and drawing an X on the Cupid's Bow by slightly over lining the natural lip. 

S T E P 3

Continue lining the rest of your lip by slowly stroking over your natural lip. Don't forget to cover the corners! Liner defines your pretty pout and hides any lip pigmentation.

S T E P 4

Fill in the rest of your lip with the same liner by applying in upward motions and following the natural direction of your skin.

S T E P S  5 & 6

You can choose to keep it matte and sophisticated, or make that pucker POP by adding a touch of gloss in a similar color or clear.

S T E P S  7 & 8

As an optional final touch, you can top off your look by lightly applying highlighter with your pointer finger to your cupids bow. This will give your lips more dimension and will have all the attention.

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