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Blush in a Rush

Posted on January 20 2016

Ladies, we all know that applying makeup can sometimes be a tricky business. But by using your favorite products, along with go-to tips and tricks, creating these looks just got a whole lot easier!

Not sure if you're applying your blush correctly? Don’t worry, girl. We got you with our step-by-step cheat sheet! This is not your ordinary blush application tutorial where the blush stays floating by itself on the apples of your cheeks. Here, we are combining the look of bronzer and blush.  These two products together will give you a natural-looking and defined cheek bone with a pop of color.

S T E P 1

First, let’s start with the bronzer. You will need two brushes: your angled brush along with any other brush with a thin handle to use as a guide.

S T E P 2

Holding your thin guide brush angled diagonally from the top corner of your ear and pushing against the hollow of your cheek, apply your favorite bronzer using your angled brush using a circular motion.

S T E P 3

By using the thin brush as a guide, this allows the bronzer to be perfectly applied in a hurry and brings out the natural hollow in your cheek.

S T E P 4

Next, look at your beautiful self in the mirror, show those happy grin lines and watch your apples pop! Using the same angled brush that you used for applying bronzer, apply your favorite blush in a circular motion on the apples of your cheeks.

S T E P 5

By applying the bronzer first and the blush second, this allows for a more blended look and pretty transition.

S T E P 6

You can stop here or make your cheek even more defined by adding any light or translucent powder right under your hollow following along the diagonal shape. Let this powder ‘bake.' In this case, 1 minute of setting works fine.

S T E P 7

Lastly, brush off the powder with any blending brush and your cheeks are chiseled and complete!

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