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Make Your Hamper a Helpful Hamper

Posted on February 10 2016

If your kids grow nearly as fast as ours do, we KNOW you're packing away clothing that your kids may have only worn a few times. If you want to make sure those garments go to someone who will appreciate them, then consider contributing to our Helpful Hamper program.

Here at Cloud & Clover, we think every mother deserves access to the resources she needs to take care of her children. When you participate in our Helpful Hamper program, you help moms and children in need.

With your contribution of gently-worn, like-new childrens apparel we will give you $10 off your next purchase of $20 or more! We then take the apparel and donate a portion to our nonprofit partners that distribute the clothing to families who need it AND we upcycle the remaining items where part of the profits help fund our STEAM Inspiration Workshops. These workshops aim to inspire disadvantaged youth to explore science, technology, engineering, art (and design), and math. 

So not only are you helping others, you are also reducing your footprint on the Earth's resources by allowing your used clothing to be upcycled. Pretty awesome!

To learn more about our Helpful Hamper program, the process and how you can contribute the next time you're sorting through your growing kid's wardrobe, click here. We look forward to having you join our community of caring moms!

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