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If You Like It, Put Their Name On It

Posted on November 18 2015

The day my son saw his name on his personalized t-shirt was one of the cutest days yet! And for the weeks that followed, that was his shirt of choice for all activities - school, errands with mama, play dates… you name it.

It just goes to show how much kids love love LOVE to have their name one things. They have this sense of pride that something was made just for them and as a bonus, you as a parent get a ‘cheat sheet’ so that you’re not running through everyone and your dog’s name just to get to the child whose attention you’re trying to gain!

Cloud & Clover is excited to offer personalization in our many graphic tees and growing collection of apparel for the littles. Our designers are tailoring their designs for name or initial personalization as well as options for year of birth and even age. This makes the collection versatile for everyday wear and special occasions, too.

Some of our favorites include the Established Tee and Feliz Cumpleanos Tee. These t-shirts are so versatile with their ability to be worn with shorts or jeans or dressed up with slacks or skirts.

Then there’s the classic Lillian Dress which we think is great for family photos, special events and everything in between. The comfy, fun and flowy dress is a great addition to every little girl’s wardrobe and it can be monogrammed! Whether you shop for the graphic tees or the apparel items, we guarantee that your little(s) will be excited for their personalized outfits and will be dressed in record time. (Stopwatch not included).


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