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3 ideas to make that holiday juggle manageable

Posted on December 18 2016

Every year the holidays bring so much excitement to our homes. But how do you deal with the stress and exhaustion that can sneak up on you? We have a few ideas to keep the holiday season manageable.

Almost Homemade

Not all of us can come close to Martha Stewart or have the time to even try when you have a family to care for. So If you're looking to get a little more homemade in the kitchen this holiday, we suggest doing some things half way. When it comes to baking cookies from scratch, you can find gingerbread men already made at many grocery stores. Buy all the cute decorating extras and you and the kids will still have fun 'making' your own cookies. Even buying ready made cookie dough then cutting it with your chosen holiday shapes will pass as 'making' your own cookies. We've found that our little ones are just happy to help and get excited with any level of decorating.

Another tip is buying par-baked bread from the store for your holiday dinner. This way the bread appears to be more fresh than store bought bread minus the floury mess that comes with making from scratch. The house will smell lovely and the flavor will be totally on point.

The Tree

What about artificial Christmas Trees? YES PLEASE! We are total fans. It was a tough choice to make the switch, but every year I am so thankful for our beautiful tree that cuts down on time and on cleaning. I do miss the fresh tree scent, but that's the only thing I miss. And the kids love it too! And if you think it's a greener choice, there are mixed opinions. If being green is important to you, this article explains that you'll need to use the artificial option for at least 10 years to make an impact on the environment. 

Self Care & Recovery

This might be the most important idea. Try planning for some downtime, especially in January. That's the time to get a fresh start and place yourself in an optimistic space. Keep your social calendar low key and reward yourself for the year before, even if you didn't accomplish everything you set out to do. Punishing yourself for not quite achieving everything you had planned won't lead to motivation. Learn from what you've done and take those lessons and apply them to the new, positive direction you are aiming for.

Also, remember that not all family members have the same perspective and comfort level with social activities. Finding a balance between the extroverts and the introverts can be helpful throughout the holidays and in the new year.

And when in doubt, keep it simple. That Holiday struggle doesn't have to be real.

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