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Birds of a F E A T H E R

Posted on June 22 2016

In fashion, it seems like every animal gets its moment, so we thought we'd give birds their time to shine. And lucky us, our daughters agreed and just fell in love with our Flock print!

Beyond their appearance of grace and beauty, birds are an appropriate metaphor for how we want our kiddos to feel comfortable expressing themselves at school and at home (even though sometimes we need them to pump the breaks a little). Giving them the freedom to be as free as a bird is a gift that we value. We want them to speak, participate and learn how to make decisions they can be proud of. 

Our girls soft cotton v-neck silhouette fits close to the body and is longer than your average tee. So if your little one is on the shorter side, it will almost fit like a tunic. And as you know, we're all fans of tunics over here! The v-neck shape adds a touch of femininity to make this tee less basic while complimenting the bird print.

So many of our customers are flocking to pick one up and so should you!

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