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You've Got S T Y L E

Posted on May 25 2016

Whether you consider your wardrobe simple or chic, you've got style. Not everyone needs to be the 'hippest' and 'trendiest' person on earth! No, really. You don't! Either way, you'e got style and has something that will fit comfortably into your wardrobe. 

Our Bijou Dress is perfect for a simple yet colorful look that can be worn for many activities. From coffee, playdates, to a night out with your gal pals this dress is perfect with your favorite flats or summer 'boho'-style sandals. Gettin' fancy with it? Throw on heels! 

You can pair this fun dress with some great accessories, too. Our Bird & Arrow necklace is beautiful and ties in nicely to the Bijou dress' native design. The long double chains are perfect for drawing attention downward and although simple in design, is a great balance to putting the finishing touches on this look. 

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