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Finding B A L A N C E

Posted on May 18 2016

It's not easy 'having it all' and as much as we want to be 'everything' to our family, every parent has their breaking point. At the beginning of the school year, it's easy to get wrapped up in should I be the Room Mom? And should I join the PTO or volunteer for ALL THE THINGS? How do you know when to draw the line? It's called balance Daniel-san.

Achieving balance may seem out of reach, but it is possible. As the desire to grow our families comes, the reality sinks in that we need to not only mother, but also provide support in other ways too. For many of us, that means working outside the home. 40-hour work weeks, volunteering at our child's school, running to activities, and the much needed 'me time.' How can we do it all? Should we be expected to do it all? Of course not. This struggle is real and it never seems to get any easier as time goes on. 

Well, ladies. While we do not have an answer or a way to solve this problem, we totally hear ya. From inside the home to out at schools and in the community, whatever you are able to do is AWESOME!! And no judging here... It's just as bit of a conscious decision to NOT volunteer and have that extra time to focus on your family as deciding to take what little 'extra' time is available to provide in other ways, to other people / organizations.

So, as we sit here in our #MommyTimeout chair and in ABSOLUTE silence, we raise our wine glasses to you. YOU'RE WORKING IT!! And we know that all of us hard-working mamas will find balance.... someday. In the meantime, we'll enjoy getting paid in endless smiles, hugs and kisses from our littles. 

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