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Posted on May 11 2016

Has your wardrobe gone from party-ready to pizza night? Well, you don’t have to do a complete wardrobe overhaul just because you’ve become a mama. Instead you should embrace your unique style and expand your beautiful boho vibe. And you don’t necessarily need to hit up Coachella to still feel fashion-forward either.  Your kids are the crowd you’re hangin' with now. We’re not sayin’ add pant suits to your assortment or anything. Instead, try adding some updated silhouettes, like our Carlyle Tunic, to your existing boho beauty style you’ve honed so well.

Yes, playdates are your new social gatherings. But don’t let the casual playdate vibe push you into a downward spiral of sloppy tees and sweatpants (although, we love a fashionable pair of sweats!). The Carlyle Tunic’s lightweight, soft gray and white fabric has a flowy feel that slims and compliments any body frame. Its high-low hemline and watercolor-like tie dye fabric will spice up that feminine and newly sophisticated style of yours. On the back you’ll find a button down placket and a tie at the bottom hem, making it easy to throw on and effortlessly stand out. That’s real #NoFussFashion, as we like to say! Feel free to match it with some skinny jeans or a good ol' pair of comfortable leggings.

Realizing that it’s time to eliminate some treasured pieces from your fashion life’s past doesn't have to be so bad. We say continue to push your style boundaries while maintaining your coveted new position in life! Let the Carlyle tunic make you feel like the natural trendsetter you are, updating your beautiful boho vibe perfectly. Click here to start your wanderlust fashion journey.

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