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Girls in Tech

Posted on April 13 2016

Here at Cloud & Clover we believe all children deserve access to every opportunity that exists. With the growing importance placed on children learning to code, our vision is for all children to obtain a skill set somewhere in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art (and design), and Math to achieve their dreams and understand the world around them.

To do this, we created our STEAM Inspiration Workshops to give underserved school age girls the opportunity to learn to code through a creative lens. From our experience, keeping that the ‘A’ in STEAM produces a higher rate of interest in technology, inspiring more future female technologists.

There are tons of jobs that use code directly, like web designers, software developers, robotics engineers, and more. Through our STEAM Inspiration Workshops we inspire girls to think about a career in technology and provide opportunities to start exploring. 

We’re not the only group that cares about getting more females the support they need in technology. Our friends over at share our desire to get more girls into technology.

Girls in Tech is a global non-profit focused on the engagement, education and empowerment of girls and women who are passionate about technology. Their aim is to accelerate the growth of innovative women who are entering into the high-tech industry and building successful startups.

As creative mompreneurs that also build technology, we are excited to attend the annual Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference. It is a three-day event showcasing women at the forefront of the technology and start-up spaces, with inspiring keynotes from female leaders, as well as workshops, panel discussions, and networking events. The conference offers attendees exciting discussion and sage advice on innovation and technology, and will provide them with a platform to exchange ideas, connect with other influential women, and create lasting business relationships that could have considerable impact on the technology industry at large.

Looks like we’re collectively on the right track to get more girls in tech, but this is only the beginning!

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