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From Classy to S A S S Y

Posted on April 20 2016

Has anyone ever boasted about your little being 'Oh, so cute!' and your first reaction is, 'you OBVIOUSLY never catch on days where (s)he hasn't had a nap!' Yah. We've all been there. To the outside world, they are classy and inside the home they turn just plain sassy! 

Somewhere between 2 and oh-my-gosh-you-still-live-here,  naps start to disappear. (Don't they know that by the time you're 30 naps are a HOT commodity?!) Our 'naps are not my jam' tee is perfect for your little who just wants to show you who's boss... Well, we all give up the fight at some point, right!? 

This sassy little tee will fit your sassy little tot perfectly - both in fit and attitude. With it's simple geo design that's all the rage right now, any little boy or girl could absolutely rock this and prove (once again) to all the outsiders that yes, you DO have the cutest little in town. 

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