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Take Another Little Piece of My H E A R T

Posted on March 30 2016

Growing your family is no easy task. The sleepless nights and restless days can seem daunting with no end in sight. As moms, we know that in ten years (or less) we will be yearning for the days when we could snuggle our little babies once again... the days when, by default, they couldn't talk back because they didn't know any words.

Through everything our children put us through, no matter what, we'll look back and say, "Meh! That wasn't so bad!" Being a parent can truly be one of life's greatest rewards and it can also be one of life's greatest feats, especially if we aren't blessed with the opportunity to manage the house and our family as a full-time SAHM. 

These days, whether by choice or necessity, many of us moms work outside of the home. Whether your maternity leave was weeks, months, or years long, it's never easy to leave your littles and transition back into the workforce. The 'Piece of My Heart' t-shirt set is a reminder that no matter where you go - to work, on a trip, or simply running errands - a piece of your heart is home.

Our 100% cotton v-neck t-shirts are perfect and comfortable for anything from lounging around the house to running kids around to their many activities and everything in-between. Whether those precious littles of yours are near or far, this tee will serve as a constant reminder that they carry a little piece of you with them wherever their adventures will lead them... and vice versa, that your heart is not complete without them.

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