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  • Sweetest Spring Baby Shower

    Posted on March 01 2017

    A baby shower is one of the most memorable parts of pregnancy. Our favorite part of any event is choosing the theme and planning the menu (because we love pretty...

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  • A Simple Valentine's Day

    Posted on February 15 2017

    While Valentine's Day is, to many, an invitation to shower the love of your life with sweet nothings and gifts, the meaning has changed now that I'm a mother. Valentine's...

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  • 3 ideas to make that holiday juggle manageable

    Posted on December 18 2016

    Every year the holidays bring so much excitement to our homes. But how do you deal with the stress and exhaustion that can sneak up on you? We have a...

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  • An OG Halloween Costume Made Easy

    Posted on November 01 2016

    For the first time ever, my daughter requested a very specific Halloween costume that does not conveniently exist in the aisles of Target. She specifically wanted to be Patricia from...

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  • The I'm-Not-Rested B**CH FACE

    Posted on October 26 2016

    So I just realized that I haven't smiled in about 6 years. I'm exaggerating a little, but I definitely smile less because at any moment I've just finished wiping a poopy...

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  • Fall Fashion for Everyone

    Posted on October 19 2016

    The ability to feel good in your own skin, and even in your own clothing, can help you feel radiant. In fact, how you dress can affect your mood and...

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  • Every Kid's an Artist

    Posted on October 12 2016

    Think about it. Every child loves being creative. They enjoy drawing, painting, sculpting, singing and dancing. We all did - and some of us still do. Sometime in elementary school,...

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  • Swimming with Little Sharks

    Posted on October 05 2016

    I focus a lot on teaching my children how to behave peacefully and to not use hurtful words with others. While I think this is my contribution to society to...

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    Posted on September 28 2016

    I am raising two totally different children. One will read almost anything that's laying around and the other only reads if it is exactly what she's interested in on that...

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  • A Little Shoulder

    Posted on September 21 2016

    We support a woman's choice to expose any body part she wants. There's one area in particular that we promote flaunting MORE - show a little shoulder, ladies! The shoulder is...

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  • My Breast Has a Purpose

    Posted on September 14 2016

    It's no secret that we are a team of moms here at Cloud & Clover.  We understand #momlife and how different each of us can be. Outside of parenting styles...

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  • Nana Knows B E S T

    Posted on September 07 2016

    We all know that mom knows best, but sometimes we forget that Nana is a part of that trusted bunch too. And even though the way we raise our children changes...

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  • Take Me to Your Tacos

    Posted on August 31 2016

    Tacos are a way of life. They used to be the best way to soak up all those shots I shouldn't have #drank right before last call. But now they are simply my...

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  • Creativity C O U N T S

    Posted on August 24 2016

    As you probably know by now, we're a team of creative moms. Our founder, Jackie, went to art school in California and Rebecca, our marketing extraordinaire, studied fine arts in...

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  • Forevah Fearless

    Posted on August 17 2016

    Long before we were moms, we thought we were immortal. We made choices - albeit not always the smartest ones - and we took chances. Oh, boy... Did we take...

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  • My BFF isn't a Mom

    Posted on August 10 2016

    I love my friends. They've been there through my break-ups, holding my hair back while I hugged a toilet (because saki bombs) and my baby showers, of course.  The first...

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  • Bold AF Fashion

    Posted on August 03 2016

    There comes a time in everyone's life when you just HAVE to cross the line and do something outside of the social norm. Well, we've done just that with a...

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  • Back to school. So cool.

    Posted on July 27 2016

    Raise the wine glasses, ladies. It's back to school time and we can see the school bus 'round the corner now. While we've enjoyed making fun in the sun memories...

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  • Magicial Milestones

    Posted on July 20 2016

    From baby's first messy bite of cereal to rolling over and then walking, (OH, BOY!) parenthood is one wild ride! It's exciting to witness our little ones hit these important early...

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  • #NoFussFashion Now

    Posted on July 13 2016

    We get you: You would rather mop floors than go out in something uncomfortable while wrangling your little ones all over town. (Us too.) The good news is fashion has come...

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  • Like Mother, Like Daughter

    Posted on July 06 2016

    As much as we don't like to admit we are like our mothers, it's hard to sit here and deny that we aren't anything alike! And we're pretty sure our...

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  • Mom G E N E S

    Posted on June 29 2016

    Moms are pros at multi-tasking. Now, whether you view said multi-tasking as a good or bad skill, the fact of the matter is this: Moms carry a lot on their...

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  • Birds of a F E A T H E R

    Posted on June 22 2016

    In fashion, it seems like every animal gets its moment, so we thought we'd give birds their time to shine. And lucky us, our daughters agreed and just fell in...

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  • Be S T I L L, My Heart

    Posted on June 15 2016

    Be still, my heart. No seriously. Sit still... It's summertime and boy! are there some serious cases of 'ants in pants' around here already. Want a quiet activity to do with your...

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  • Look what YOU did!

    Posted on June 08 2016

    Thanks to all of your Helpful Hamper contributions, many mothers have been able to provide their children some beautiful and fun clothing items. This Spring in partnership with a local non...

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  • Go Ahead. D R E A M

    Posted on June 01 2016

    Fashionable options that keep comfort in mind is something we look for in our own mommy wardrobe, but our kids care about comfort too. It’s only natural that we’re always looking...

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  • You've Got S T Y L E

    Posted on May 25 2016

    Whether you consider your wardrobe simple or chic, you've got style. Not everyone needs to be the 'hippest' and 'trendiest' person on earth! No, really. You don't! Either way, you'e...

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  • Finding B A L A N C E

    Posted on May 18 2016

    It's not easy 'having it all' and as much as we want to be 'everything' to our family, every parent has their breaking point. At the beginning of the school year, it's...

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  • B O H O Beauty

    Posted on May 11 2016

    Has your wardrobe gone from party-ready to pizza night? Well, you don’t have to do a complete wardrobe overhaul just because you’ve become a mama. Instead you should embrace your...

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  • Treat Yo' Self, Mama!

    Posted on May 04 2016

    You work hard. You support your family. You clean the dirtiest of spills. You give hugs and dry tears. You goof off. And You don't stop. You're a MOM! So with...

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  • 3 C's: Curvy, Comfortable, and Confident

    Posted on April 27 2016

    As moms we don’t have much time to focus on every current trend in the fashion atmosphere. Well, most of us don't. Lucky for you, Cloud & Clover is coming to your rescue...

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  • From Classy to S A S S Y

    Posted on April 20 2016

    Has anyone ever boasted about your little being 'Oh, so cute!' and your first reaction is, 'you OBVIOUSLY never catch on days where (s)he hasn't had a nap!' Yah. We've...

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  • Girls in Tech

    Posted on April 13 2016

    Here at Cloud & Clover we believe all children deserve access to every opportunity that exists. With the growing importance placed on children learning to code, our vision is for all...

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  • G E O Trend Alert!

    Posted on April 06 2016

    For some of us, geo shapes in fashion are reminiscent of our favorite 'Saved by the Bell' memories. And like all good trends, this one's coming back with vengeance!  We’ve been...

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  • Take Another Little Piece of My H E A R T

    Posted on March 30 2016

    Growing your family is no easy task. The sleepless nights and restless days can seem daunting with no end in sight. As moms, we know that in ten years (or less)...

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  • P R O U D Soccer Mom

    Posted on March 23 2016

    Practice. Travel. Games. Repeat. Soccer is beneficial for our littles. They learn about teamwork, learning from their mistakes and being a team player all in one setting. These basic life...

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  • Art is L I F E

    Posted on March 16 2016

    Who loves a fresh box of vibrant, new crayons? We do! We do! There's something about that 64-count box with the built in sharpener that brings us back.  Creating art...

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  • Me S T Y L I S H. You J A N E.

    Posted on March 09 2016

    Are you drawn to the vintage vibe of midi skirts? Well ladies, we have the skirt for you! These 1950’s throwback silhouettes are back, better than ever and just in time...

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  • There's Something About Barlow

    Posted on March 02 2016

    Traditionally, father and son bonds involve hitting and catching fly balls out on a baseball field, riding the trails on motorcycles during a sunny weekend, and relaxing after a fun-filled...

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  • Mother Elephant

    Posted on February 24 2016

    Elephants and Mamas. Both symbols of strength and power and praised for their stamina, mental toughness, spirit and loyalty. Elephant moms are so nurturing, protective and encouraging of their young....

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  • Tiny D A N C E R S

    Posted on February 17 2016

    Every little girl loves to dance, and boy do we know it! Kidz Bop has been our household DJ for many a dance party. Whether your little loves to dance...

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  • Make Your Hamper a Helpful Hamper

    Posted on February 10 2016

    If your kids grow nearly as fast as ours do, we KNOW you're packing away clothing that your kids may have only worn a few times. If you want to make...

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  • Catching D R E A M S

    Posted on February 03 2016

    As a parent, we all want our little ones to follow their big dreams and never stop chasing them. Even if that means being a “Fire Fighter Scuba Diver Policeman.”...

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  • Little Bit of Lip

    Posted on January 27 2016

    Last week we shared with you our tips for perfecting an easy contour and defining those pretty cheeks of yours in our "Blush in a Rush" tutorial. This week, we're...

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  • Blush in a Rush

    Posted on January 20 2016

    Ladies, we all know that applying makeup can sometimes be a tricky business. But by using your favorite products, along with go-to tips and tricks, creating these looks just got...

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  • Sweater {Dress} Weather

    Posted on January 13 2016

    Ladies, you know we are all about #NoFussFashion and this winter's fashion should be no exception. Don't hide behind your sweatpants and hoodies. Get dolled up in the chicest way...

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  • Daddy & Me

    Posted on January 06 2016

    A current trend in family fashion is 'mommy and me' and although this is what helped us to mold many of our styles here at Cloud & Clover, we got to thinking.... What...

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  • New Year, New Look!

    Posted on December 30 2015

    It's a new year and for many of us this means preparing ourselves for some 'resolutions.' If you're looking forward to improving your wardrobe, (and I mean, what girl ISN'T?!),...

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